Best Pet Carpet Cleaners 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Best Pet Carpet Cleaners

Do you love pets to keep at your home? If so, then you must be familiar with pet messes like stains, pet urine, bad smells of pet urine, pet’s potty, and more that can be done by your loving one. Your pet carpets can quickly get dirty, and you should prefer pet carpet cleaners to get the best result instead of using foam and hand scrubbing methods.

You will get several kinds of pet carpet cleaners from different brands with different features in the market. If you decided to purchase a pet carpet cleaner, then you will need to go to different shops, and you may have to make a little inquires about different pet carpet cleaners.

Here in this article, we do reviews on 10 best pet carpet cleaners 2020 and provide a buyer’s guide that will help you to choose a suitable product for your needs. Of the dozens of pet carpet cleaners we’ve tested, we like the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe best for its powerful suction, effectivity, and longevity. This machine is now on top of the market & undoubtedly this is our top pick.

10 Best Pet Carpet Cleaner Reviews

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Our reviews on 10-best pet carpet cleaners with buyers guide listed well performed and well-featured 10-best pet carpet cleaners available in the market. You will get all information about these products on your android or laptop quickly, which will save your time as well as money.

#1. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe – Best Rated Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe - Best Rated Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover power scrub Deluxe is the best-rated pet carpet cleaner on market. It has a 360-degree spinning scrubbing brush that ensures the most robust stain/ dirt removal with deep cleaning.

It has heat force to fasten drying period during tough stains removal. Hoover can easily remove any kinds of pet messes like old/fresh pet urine smells, dirt, stains from your carpet with ease.

This carpet cleaner weighs only 19 pounds, which you can easily carry wherever you need to clean, and with 8 inches hose to reach hard-to-reach areas, and it covers large/ small area cleaning. 

This carpet cleaner unit includes; upholstery equipment, 1-bottle of Paws & Claws pet carpet cleaning shampoo of 64 ounces, crevice device, 1 sample solution bottle, and stair tool. 

If you have pets at your home and love fresh smelled clean carpets, then Hoover Power scrub deluxe is the best choice for you. Its stain-guard technology solution with a rotating scrubbing brush provides you deep, thoroughly cleaned fresh smelled carpets.

#2. Hoover Power Dash – Best Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains

Hoover Power Dash - Best Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains

Hoover Power Dash with 2X cleaning power is the best carpet cleaner for the pet stains. It has a powerful heat force for faster drying time and a steady spinning brush roll that ensures stain-free deep cleaning.

It is suitable for large/small areas and common traffic areas. This compact carpet cleaner is portable and easy to use. This carpet cleaner with 120V and 7amps power ensures powerful stain removal action.

This powerful carpet cleaner can remove feces, pet vomit, urine, and other tough stains entirely from your carpet and leave a fresh smell. Robust cleaning solution with stain guard technology develops the fastest cleaning combination with Hoover, Rug Doctor, and Bissell. A durable slim hose can reach hard-to-reach areas and gives better cleaning performance.

If you want to have a freshly cleaned carpet, then you can purchase “Hoover Power Dash.” This power cleaner will give you perfect deep cleaning for pet urine, vomit, tough stains, and more. Its 2X power scrubbing brush roller ensured deep, thorough cleaning with ease.

#3. Hoover Smart-Wash Automatic Deep Cleaner – Best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Urine

Hoover Smart-Wash Automatic Deep Cleaner - Best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Urine

Hoover Smart-wash deep cleaner is a top-rated pet messes remover that provides you soft, fresh cleaning performance with ease. It is suitable for pet urine, stains, debris, vomit, and more tough stains removal.

You will get cleaning performance by push forward the machine while you will get dry carpet by pulling back the cleaner. This device, with its auto-clean motion technology, prevents estimate work.

This carpet cleaner offers the most excellent cleaning with its auto-mixing solution design, and you can easily clean the brushes by using an easily removable nozzle.

It has an 8 ft long hose for the hard-to-reach areas’ deep cleaning. The auto-dry feature fastens the drying period by using heat-force. This carpet cleaning machine unit includes; 1 Paws & Claws cleaning solution of 64 ounces.

If you want to stay free from pet messes and want a hygiene home environment, then this Hoover smart-wash can be the perfect solution to meet your needs. The sample Stain guard solution provides better cleaning action in combination with Hoover smart-wash carpet cleaner and leaves a fresh smell.

#4. Bissell Turbo Clean Upright Power Brush – Editor’s Choice

Bissell Turbo Clean Upright Power Brush - Editor's Choice

Bissell turbo-clean standing power brush is only 12 pounds, easily portable wherever you need to clean. It has1/ 2-gallon tank capacity, and 9.5 inches is the cleaning path.

This machine has a separate dual tank system to keep dirt/ clean water separate. It can do effective cleaning from entrance and rug areas.  Powerful Bissell Oxy solution helps to remove pet stains, food & beverage stains permanently.

Powerful suction with rotate 4-rows dirt removal brush ensures deep, thorough dirt removal action. The collapsible handle makes it suitable to fit in a small place for storage. Bissell turbo-clean is the best pet carpet cleaner designed to remove pet messes without any pain. Light-weight makes it portable wherever you need to clean pet messes.

Pets can make messes anytime, anywhere, so you need to be prepared for this mess. If you have won a Bissell turbo clean, then you don’t need to worry. Bissell turbo-clean is the best carpet cleaner that you can have.

#5. Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Pro – Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine

Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Pro - Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine

Bissell pro heat carpet cleaner is the advanced 2X powerful carpet cleaner, which is designed for the removal of toughest pet stains, old stunk urine smell.

It has a dual stain removal 12 rows of scrubbing brushes to remove pet stains, pet urine, fresh or stunk odors from your carpet effectively. It has the fastest drying time by Bissell, which delivers dry clean carpets in just 30 minutes.

Pretreated clean shot directly breaks the tough stains and annihilate them completely by delivering a concentrated solution. This carpet cleaner is very light-weight, and small shape foot makes it easily usable for cleaning around the furniture.

EZ clean brush roll cover provides you the flexibility of maintenance of the machine after every deep cleaning action.

This advanced designed carpet cleaner can be the perfect fit for you if you have decided to sell your house. It can help you to remove all kinds of stains, including old urine smells, rough stains, and food stains from the deep of your carpets and will leave a fresh, clean scent.

#6. Hoover Smartwash Automatic Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover smart-wash automatic carpet cleaner is one of the best carpet cleaners for pet stains. It has automated cleaning technology of push forward/ pulls back for cleaning and drying at the same time.

It also has auto clean motion-sensing technology that prevents estimate work. Its stain guard solution provides deep, thorough cleansing while combined to Hoover Smart wash automatic carpet cleaner machine.

This carpet cleaner has auto-mixing technology for accurate mixing and spraying action that hits on the tough stains directly and eradicated them. It also has flex-force scrubbing brushes that remove debris, pet messes, and tough stains softly.

Heat-force ensures exact powerful suction for rapid drying action, and 8 ft hose can easily clean the hard-to-reach areas.

Hoover smart-wash automatic carpet cleaner can be an excellent solution for your pet messes, and you will not regret purchasing one. You can easily carry it wherever you need to clean and store it in a suitable place. You need not worry now for your pet messes; Hoover smart-wash carpet cleaner will remove all stains for you.

#7. Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover power scrub elite is 360 degrees rotate spin scrub design performs soft, deep cleaning on set-in pet stains, dirt, and pet urines.

This carpet cleaner can reduce drying time up to 45 minutes while with duo power of quick clean+ Heat force mode. It has a 25 percent larger dual tank for smooth cleaning action.

This carpet cleaner unit includes; 1 Paws & Claws pet solution of 64 ounces, 2-in-1 pet equipment, 1 sample solution, and dual tank capacity.

It also has the auto solution mixing technology for the right mix and prevents guess mix. Its 8 ft hose can easily reach to the corner areas and perform better cleaning.

You can use this stain guard solution with other deep cleaning machines like Bissell, and Rug Doctor. Hoover power scrub elite can remove set-in pet stains, dirt, pet’s urine, bad smell from your carpet with a deep, thorough cleaning, and fresh scent.

#8. Bissell Big Green Pro Carpet Cleaner – Best Professional Carpet Shampooer For Pets

Bissell Big Green Pro Carpet Cleaner - Best Professional Carpet Shampooer For Pets

Bissell big green pro is the best product from Bissell for professional use. This machine has an extra-large scrubbing brush, which provides deep scrubbing action during cleaning.

It has a dual water tank capacity of 1.75 gallons that ensures entire rooms clean in one go. Robust heavy duty suction decreases drying time than other competitive brands carpet cleaner. This carpet cleaner has a 9ft hose to reach hard-to-reach areas and perform deep cleaning.

Bissell big green pro is the best professional carpet shampooer for pets, which provides 1-tough stains tool of 6 inches to perform scrubbing on rough stains areas like upholstery, stairs, car interiors, and more.

This carpet cleaner also provides 1 Bissell pet stains removal formula to remove embedded tough stains easily. Extra-large 25ft long cord gives you the flexibility to move wherever you need to during cleaning performance. 

If you want to have a carpet cleaner for professional use, then you can consider about Bissell big green pro. It will give advanced professional cleaning performance with a 5-years limited warranty. Scotch-guard formula prevents future stains and gives you new looking carpets. Bissell big green pro will provide you with deep, thorough cleaning with durable 12amps power.

#9. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner For Pets

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner For Pets

Rug doctor deep carpet cleaner is another best carpet cleaner for old pet urine. It has 75 percent more powerful suction for the lees drying time. A dual simple removable water tank make this device easy to fill and empty.

It is suitable for profound professional and squashy, vibrant results. Its double cross action rotates scrubbing brushes removed tough stains deeply from every direction.

This Rug doctor deep carpet cleaner is gold-rated by GRI for best cleaning performance in contrast to other comparable carpet cleaners.

It has a 28 ft long cord, which will cover entire room cleaning coverage easily. Its super-boost mode ensures you enhance deep cleaning for dense traffic areas, entrance, and corridor. It is suitable for pet stains, apartments, pet beds, rental houses, coffee stains, and other beverage stains.

Rug Doctor Deep carpet cleaner can be a smart choice for you if you need to have a class deep, thorough cleaning performance. This carpet cleaner unit includes; a removable upholstery tool that can easily clean spot stains from upholstery and car interiors. This carpet cleaner provides the most excellent cleaning performance with 120V power. 

#10. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is a professional pet stains removal machine that gives pet smells and stains free results. It is a light-weight carpet cleaner with rotate scrubbing brushes that remove embedded old stains and odor professionally.

Rug Doctor professional urine removal solution removes pet smells and stains permanently. It has a big 3.9-gallon tank to keep dirt water.

The handheld soft surface flexibility tool ensures thorough cleaning of the smooth surface areas. This carpet cleaner is suitable for removing dirt, stains, mud, pet hair, and stunk smells from carpets, upholstery, pet beds, car interiors, stairs, and more.

This carpet cleaner unit includes; 1 Rug Doctor Mighty Pro 3X, professional pet urine removal formula of 24 ounces, 1 sample bottle of pet carpet cleaner solution, and upholstery device.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro 3X is the smart solution for pet urine, blood, pet hair, or vomit removal from a deep source. You can have this carpet cleaner for your home or your office; it provides professional deep cleaning in both places effectively and provides a hygiene home/office environment.

What are the Best Pet Carpet Cleaner Brands On the Market?

There are different types of pet carpet cleaner/ shampooers from different brands that are available in the market. They are different from each other according to their features and working performance quality.

Some pet carpet cleaners are suitable for stains removal, and some are for pet urine and odor removal, some for deep, thorough cleaning, some are for upholstery/ car interiors and stairs stains removal, and so on.

Several top branded pet carpet cleaner machines are rated as the best pet carpet cleaner according to their removal action quality. Some top-rated brands with their top-rated carpet cleaners are discussed below for your better understanding.

Bissell, Hoover, and Rug Doctor are the best top-rated pet carpet cleaner brands, which win their customer hearts with their quality products.

  1. Bissell: it is a top-rated pet carpet cleaner brand in the market. The pet carpet cleaners from Bissell are light-weight and easily portable to the spot cleaning areas. Bissell provides 360 degrees rotate sturdy scrubbing brushes to ensure deep cleaning for pet stains and odor removal action. Every Bissell pet carpet cleaner has powerful suction to the fasten drying period.
  2. Hoover: This is another best pet carpet cleaner brand available in the market. Hoover’s pet carpet cleaners have rotate spin scrubbing brushes to ensures deep, thorough cleaning with provided sample pet stains removal solution. The large slim hose can easily reach every corner and give better cleaning performance. Hoover’s pet carpet cleaner also provides separate dual tank capacity to keep clean/dirt water separately.
  3. Rug Doctor: Another well-renowned pet carpet cleaner brand is Rug Doctor. This brand provides some best pet carpet shampooer/ cleaner like Rug Doctor Mighty pro 3X, Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, etc. Rotate powerful scrubbing brush with powerful suction provide deep cleaning for tough stains and odor and decreased drying time. Scotch-guard stains removal solution prevents future stains.

Different Types of Pet Carpet Cleaning Machines

There are different types of pet carpet cleaning machines available in the market. The different brand produces various kinds of carpet cleaner machines. Here we provide a list of different carpet cleaner machines by different top-rated brands.

  • Bissell:

Bissell provides several pet carpet cleaners/ shampooer with different features.

  • TurboClean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner
  • Multi-purpose Portable Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner
  • Pre-heat Essential Carpet  Shampooer/ Cleaner
  • Spot-clean Pre-heat Portable Carpet Cleaner
  • Jet-scrub Pet Light-weight Carpet Cleaner
  • Deep-clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner
  • Deep-clean Deluxe  Pet Carpet Cleaner, and more
  • Hoover:

Hoover is another top-rated pet carpet cleaner manufacturer, Hoover’s pet carpet cleaners are listed below.

  • PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner
  • Spotless Portable Upholstery & Carpet Spot Cleaner
  • Smartwash Automatic Carpet cleaner
  • PowerScrub Elite Pet Upright Carpet Shampooer/ Cleaner
  • PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner
  • Rug Doctor:

Rug Doctor is another best carpet cleaner brand available in the market. This brand Provides only of 3 different featured Carpet cleaners, suitable for both home and professional use.

  • Deep Upright Carpet Cleaner
  • Deep Carpet Cleaner
  • Mighty Pro X3

Pet Carpet Cleaning vs. Vacuum Cleaning

Keeping your carpet stains, odor, and dirt-free is no easy task. One should take good care and do regular cleaning to keep the carpets cleans. Different carpet cleaning machines make differences in cleaning performance results. The right choice to select the right cleaning machines can make significant differences.

You have to deal with various stains, dirt, spots, pet odor, pet debris and hair, mud, and more to keep your carpets clean. Pet carpet cleaner and vacuum cleaner are both cleaning machines designed for different cleaning purposes. You can use both of them for your carpet, upholstery, and any kind of soft surfaces.

The main difference between both carpet cleaners is their purposes. Firstly, the vacuum cleaner is designed for carpet cleaning, but it works on only lose pet hairs, upper stains, dirt on the surfaces, and more. On the other hand, pet carpet cleaners are designed for deep, thorough cleaning performance for embedded stains, dirt, pet urine, odor, set-in spots, and more.

Secondly, vacuum cleaners are very light-weight than the carpet cleaning machines, so many people prefer the vacuum cleaner to carpet cleaner machines. Thirdly, the vacuum cleaner is suitable for both soft and hard surface cleaning; on the contrary, carpet cleaners ideal for only soft surfaces.

Fourthly, The vacuum cleaner does not need water for cleaning, but carpet cleaner machines need water for better cleaning performance. Fifthly, carpet cleaner provides longer cord for large area coverage but vacuum cleaner has shorter cable.

Next, the vacuum cleaner is not suitable for deep cleaning performance. On the other hand, pet carpet cleaners/ shampooers are ideal for deep cleaning performance.

What to Look For When Buying a Pet Carpet Shampooer?

If you have pets in your home, then you know how messy they can be. It can put stains anywhere from your house and can make accidents also. You need to be concern about the cleanliness of your carpets and need to clean them regularly to avoid germs, tough stains, odors, and so on.

So, do you want to purchase a pet carpet cleaner/ shampooer for your home use or for commercial use? If so, then you need to look for some points before you purchase one. The pet carpet cleaner machine is more suitable than using a vacuum cleaner for carpet, upholstery, and stairs cleaning.

Before purchasing any pet carpet cleaner, you should look for below-stated points to get the perfect product to meet your needs.


The first thing you should consider before purchasing any pet carpet cleaner is its durability because you have to spend a large amount of money on purchasing one. So, you have to look for the durability feature before choosing a pet carpet cleaner.


The second thing you should consider about the quality of the product you want to purchase. Quality is the best priority before buying any pet carpet cleaner. You have to be sure about what type of quality the product offers, deep cleaning or light cleaning removes odor, and more.

Types of the cleaner:

Before purchasing any pet carpet cleaner, you should look for what types of carpet cleaner do you need portable, upright, or handheld? Choose one that can meet your needs.

Cord length:

Then, the third thing you should look for is the product’s cord length. Extra-large cord length allows you to cover more cleaning area coverage. So, you should choose your pet carpet cleaner with extra-large cord length. 


Another thing to consider before purchasing any pet carpet cleaner is its weight. Usually, you won’t want to have a heavy machine for your everyday work. You should select a light-weight machine so that you can carry it anywhere you need to clean.

Rotate scrubbing brush:

You have to look for the rotate scrubbing brush. It will provide you soft, deep cleaning and remove set-in stains and odor. Rotate scrubbing brush can easily reach in deep of your carpet and gives perfect stains free new looking fresh carpets.

Power suction capacity:

Next thing, you should look for the power suction capacity feature because strong power suction will rinse the dirt and decrease the carpet’s dry time after cleaning.

Tank capacity:

You have to look for the water tank capacity because larger tank capacity provides wide-area cleaning coverage in one goes. Bissell provides a single water tank capacity while Hoover provides a dual tank capacity for dirty and clean water keep.

A sample bottle of pet carpet cleaning solution:

The next thing you should look for is the sample bottle of the pet carpet cleaner solution. It will give you new looking stains free fresh carpets after clean. Sample bottle stains removal solution and pet stains and odor removal formula give better performance with full-size carpet cleaners/ shampooer.

Local service center:

You should look for if the product’s brand provides any local servicing center so that you can get help if you needed. The local servicing center can save you time as well as money. Suppose you buy a product that does not provide any local service center, in that case, you have to bear the full expenses to ship the product to the brand for replacement or servicing.

How to Get Best Results with a Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Pet Carpet Cleaning Solutions,

Do you think about how you can get the best results with a pet carpet cleaner? If so, then come to the point. You should buy a perfect pet carpet cleaner because hiring carpet cleaning services will cost you a large amount of money. Choose the one which will meet your needs. If you want to get the best results with your carpet cleaner, then you should follow these instructions.

  • You should read the instruction book carefully before you start your cleaning action to prevent unwanted damage to your carpet cleaner.
  • Mix the pet carpet cleaning solution as instructed according to your needs. It will give you deep cleaning fresh carpets.
  • Use pretreated spray. You should use pretreated spray directly on the tough stains before starting scrubbing. Pretreated spray straight hit on the tough stains to break them and perform deep cleaning.
  • Use a sturdy rotate scrubbing brush to ensure deep scrubbing for the embedded dirt and set-in stains removal action.
  • Use powerful suction for less drying period after cleaning action. Pull back the machine after pushing forward to get cleaning and drying action together. The powerful suction feature fastens the drying period after clean.
  • Use pet stains removal formula and sample solution with a full-size carpet cleaner to get better cleaning results. Pet stains removal formula and sample solution removes tough stains and odor from the carpet and gives fresh new looking carpets.
  • Use the upholstery tool and hose to reach hard-to-reach areas and perform deep cleaning.
  • Let the carpet dry completely. You have to let the carpet dry before use again. Relocate your furniture after completely drying the carpet.
  • Open the windows and let the strong solution smells pass through it. Sample pet stains removal solution has strong smells that can irritate you. To get rid of that irritating smell, let it passes through from the cleaning area.

By following the above tips, you can get the best results with a pet carpet cleaner machine. You can easily get better cleaning results by following the instructions from the product label.

Using a pet Carpet Cleaning Service vs. Buying a Carpet Shampooer for Pets

If you have a pet at your home, then you know the consequences that it may cause. Pet can urinate on the carpet anywhere at your home or can bring mud stains, dirt with every outing. Pet’s urine spreads irritating smells all over your home.

You need to clean the stains, odor, dirt, and other possible messes, which is not easy work. You can use a pet carpet cleaning service if you want, but you have to spend a large amount on it. Instead of that, you can have a pet carpet cleaner for your own.

Having a pet carpet cleaner is more affordable because you can use it unlimited times whenever you need it. Using a carpet cleaning service is always costly, while carpet cleaner purchasing will cost you only one time.

  • Using a carpet cleaning service is costly, and you have to pay every time you use a carpet cleaning service. On the contrary, you have to pay once for purchasing a pet carpet cleaner and can use it whenever you need to clean.
  • You have to get a schedule to get a carpet cleaning service. On the other hand, you don’t need any plan for using your pet carpet cleaner.
  • A rental carpet cleaner can damage your carpet if not maintained well. Your carpet cleaner with proper maintenance prevents carpet damaging risks.
  • Purchasing a pet carpet cleaner is more reasonable than using the carpet cleaning service according to its numerous cleaning actions.

So, purchasing a pet carpet cleaner is more useful and preferable than using a carpet cleaning service.

Should I Be Concerned About The Weight Of The Carpet Cleaning Machine?

Yes, you should be concerned about the weight of the carpet cleaning machine. You don’t want to have a heavy-weight carpet cleaner if you have pets at your home. Pets can do messes or accidents anytime, anywhere at your home.

You won’t like to carry a heavy carpet cleaner machine every now and then. A light-weight carpet cleaner is easier to carry when you need it. Light-weight carpet cleaner allows you to carry them anywhere at your home for stains removal action.

You can use them even for your car interior’s tough stains, dirt, debris, and odors removal. For your everyday cleaning action, you should consider about the weight before purchasing a pet carpet shampooer.

Should I Be Concerned About The Warranty?

Yes, you should be concerned about the warranty for the pet carpet cleaner machines. You should choose one with an easy warranty feature so that you can return it or get a refund if any problem arises.

Many top-rated carpet cleaner brands offer warranty for different periods. Some are offering a limited 3-years warranty after-sale, some are offering a limited 5-years warranty. You should choose your pet carpet cleaner on the basis of how often you will need to use it, and how much it will cost and its warranty after the sale.

Different brands offer limited warranty after the sale. You will get an easy and free replacement service and an easy refund system from your valid warranty card if you are not satisfied with its product.

Should I Purchase A Cordless Carpet Cleaner?

We suggest you purchase corded pet carpet cleaner than the cordless carpet cleaner. Though cordless carpet cleaner can do the carpet cleaning task its result is not as good as the corded carpet cleaners. You will find different models of carpet cleaners that provide up to 28 ft long cord carpet cleaner that can easily cover carpets, upholstery, stairs, around furniture areas, and also the car interiors.

Cordless carpet cleaner does not provide the same effective cleaning action as a corded pet carpet cleaner. So, you should purchase a corded carpet cleaner for a deep, thorough carpet cleaning action.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet With Pets?

If you want a clean and fresh smelled hygiene home environment, then you should clean your pet carpets daily. Pets can urinate, vomit, put stains and dirt, debris, mud spots anytime anywhere of your carpet. Pet’s urine spreads irritating stunk odor very quickly. Fresh stains, urine, and odor can be removed easily if you clean instantly.

Old stains and urine become embedded tough stains and stunk smells that are very irritating. You should clean your pet carpets regularly to get rid of these messes.

How Do You Get Rid Of Pet Odor In The Carpet?

Pet odor can be a deal-breaker if you want to rent or sell your house. Pet odor is very irritating to bear. If you want to get rid of pet odor, then you can follow any one of these two methods; one applies vinegar solution or the second one is to apply enzymatic pet odor removal solution. I prefer the second method to get rid of pet odor

If you want to use a pet odor removal formula, then you can use a carpet cleaner machine along with provided pet odor removal formula and water mixture as instructed on the label of the bottle. Stain-guard pet odor removal formula leaves fresh smell after cleaning performance.

What Can I Put In My Carpet Cleaner To Get Rid Of The Pet Urine Smell?

Pet urine smell is a common issue that every pet owner has to face. Pet urine causes bad odor if not cleaned fresh. Get rid of urine smell is not easy but some carpet shampooer designed to eliminate pet odor from your carpet permanently.

You can use Bissell Oxy pro pet urine eliminator formula on your carpet shampooer; you can also use simple solution pet stains and odor removal for your carpet cleaner. Stain- guard technology of pet odor removal solution gives you stains free new looking carpet.

Is a Carpet Cleaner Essential for Pet Owners?

Pet can do accidents or messes any time anywhere and it is recommended to clean the pet stains, pee, urine, debris, and odor immediately to avoid embedded dirt, tough stains, stinking pet urine smells, and muddy stains from your carpet. Every pet owner should have their own pet carpet cleaner so that they can use it at the needed time.

It is not possible to get carpet cleaning service daily but if you can get then you will have to spend a large amount on it. On the other hand, if you own a pet carpet cleaner, then you can get rid of pet messes instantly whenever you need it. So, it is essential to have a pet carpet cleaner for pet owners.

How Dirty Is The Pet Owner’s Carpet?

Pet owner’s carpet can get messy anytime because a pet can urinate, pee put stains on the carpet. It is not possible to get a carpet cleaning service every time whenever your pet messes your carpet. So, if a pet owner does not have a carpet cleaner on his own or use vacuum cleaning, then his carpets can easily get dirty. 

Many pet owners prefer vacuum cleaner to clean the pet messes because of its light-weight. Vacuum cleaner cleans the surface stains, urine, pet debris, mud, and dirt. In that case, stains get embedded on the carpet and can cause stunk odor also. But if a pet owner owns a carpet cleaner also, then in most cases you cannot even guess that he/she have pets at their home.

What Are Common Pet Stains?

There are some common pet stains that can be found in the pet owner’s carpet and these stains can be of dog or of a cat. The common pet stains are pet pee’s stains, urine stain, vomit, and muddy stains. Both dog and cat can do these messes on the carpet and these stains should be removed while still fresh to avoid set-in stains and stinking smells.

Pets can put stains on your carpet, upholstery, corridor, entrance, car interiors, and rug areas. A pet carpet cleaner can help you to get rid of these messes.

Bissell vs Hoover Carpet Cleaner. Which One Is Better?

Bissell vs Hoover carpet cleaner. Which one is better? This is a very tough question to answer. Both of them are from well-renowned brands and maintained their reputation through their effective results on carpet cleaning. Bissell has numerous product models of 3 type’s canister, portable, and upright carpet cleaner while Hoover has only upright carpet cleaner with 9 models.

Hoover provides a dual tank feature for dirty and clean water keeping, on the contrary Bissell has a single water tank. Bissell is more effective and suitable for homes with a pet than Hoover. Hoover provides 2 inches wider cleaning path than the Bissell. So, if you need an extra-wide cleaning path, then you can choose Hoover’s product.

These two brand’s carpet cleaner provides several advanced features for their customer. Bissell pet pro is the best choice for pet owners.

How Can You Dry The Carpets After Using The Carpet Cleaner For Pets?

There are some tips that you can follow to dry your carpets after cleaning. These are;

  • Create a good airflow: Open the windows to help you dry the carpets rapidly.
  • Use a fan: You can use a fan to help you dry your carpet quickly. A ceiling fan can be a good option for you.
  • Air-conditioning: You can use your air-conditioner to dry your carpet.
  • Blow-dry: You can blow dry your carpet to fasten the drying period.
  • Direct sunlight: If your carpets are wet entirely, then you can use the direct sunlight to dry your carpets. In that case, you can place your carpets on a high place to keep your carpets above the soil.

Final Thought About Pet Carpet Cleaners

Pet owners know the difficulties they can face because of pet messes. If you have a pet carpet cleaner of your own, then you can be tension free about your pet messes. If you are planning to purchase a pet carpet shampooer/ cleaner, then our reviews on the best pet carpet cleaners 2020 with buyers guide can ease your work.

You can take a quick look at this article to get all the information you need. You don’t have to visits from one store to another store to inquire about different brand’s carpet cleaner. We provide 10-best top-rated pet carpet cleaners with a buyers guide to help you chose the right carpet cleaner to meet your needs.

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