10 Best Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution in 2022 [Buyers Guide]

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Best Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution

Are you looking for the best ultrasonic cleaner solution? Ultrasonic cleaners are very popular nowadays thanks to its faster cleaning support. With a perfect cleaner fluid, any ultrasonic cleaner can become perfect. Anyway, there are not too many cleaner solutions in the market right now. Day by day, an ultrasonic cleaner is getting more and more popular. And, so are the solutions.

Choosing the best cleaning solution is always tough. Some models are perfect for use at home. On the other hand, you can use some for professional jewelry cleaning. Some can offer versatility. So, which one to pick? To help you with this dilemma, we reviewed 10 best ultrasonic cleaner solutions in 2020. We also included a buyer guideline to help you with the purchasing process.

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution Reviews

Have a look here to check the top picks and buying guide.

#1. iSonic CSGJ01-8OZx2 Ultrasonic Jewelry/Eyewear Cleaning Solution 

Without a doubt, this is one of the best ultrasonic solutions in the market right now. Well, surely this ultrasonic solution is a good product for cleaning jewelry, glasses, and many more. Just one cap of the concentrate solution alongside two cups of water is enough to get the job complete.

iSonic CSGJ01-8OZx2 can easily remove any smudges, fingerprints, or lotions with ease. People who wear glasses can easily make their pairs shiny. Not to mention, the solution will pair with your ultrasonic machine to make cleaning fun and fast.

Once you use a capful of this solution, it is more like concentrated detergent. Yes, the solution is not like harsh chemical juice. That is why cleaning watches, jewelry, and glasses are so wonderful with the ultrasonic solution.

Well, people who have glasses or something shiny, can pick this solution for a great clean. Our research suggests this solution is great for glasses or shiny jewelers.

#2. Hornady Lock-N-Load Sonic Gun Brass Cleaner Solution

Keeping your gun cartridge clean is very important. Well, if you are not a regular in hunting, the first line is all true. So, if you are looking for a special ultrasonic solution for cleaning brass, this is our top pick. This solution is uniquely made for cleaning brass.

Most of the time, brass catches stains or oxidation. Also, after keeping it into the corner for a long time,carbon starts to build up. Anyway, you can use 1 ounce of the solution on 40 ounces of water and still can get the job done. Brass needs a lot of water solution. This ratio makes it easy for you.

Just one mixture can clean 4 to 6 guns easily. Using the solution to gun parts is the best idea. Not to mention, cleaning cartridges and removing all the carbon or rust cannot get easier. Yes, the solution does have its share of negative parts. However, that is not that of a big deal anymore.

There you have it. People fond of hunting or guns can rest assured. This solution is the best choice. However, using distilled water or vinegar mixture is the best option with this solution. By that, you will get the best clean.

#3. iSonic CSBC001 Ultrasonic Brass Cleaning Solution Super Concentrate

Another top ultra-sonic solution. The best thing about this solution is that the solution can easily clean smaller parts of any component. By any, we don’t mean all types of stuff. However, there are always smaller jewelry, gun parts for you to clean. And this solution can do the job fine.

One of the best ultrasonic solution for cleaning gun parts. Yes, especially if you own a handgun, and looking for a good solution to clean any carbon or oxidation. Alongside that, the solution can clean glasses with ease.

However, you should be careful while cleaning the glasses. One thing for sure, different glasses come with different coatings and structures. So, one wrong move and your glasses will be ruined. Anyway, you can clean jewelry, watch, brass, knives, and gun parts with ease.

So, if you are always working with smaller parts or jewelry, this solution can be the best choice for you. But to be honest, this ultrasonic solution is best for cleaning gun parts and jewelry.

#4. Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate

For professional jewelry shops, an ultrasonic solution is mandatory.Just think about a professional jewelry shop. They are not just working with one or two pieces of jewelry. From gold, palladium, diamonds to any other delicate jewelry, they need to clean them to keep the shine.  Also, ensuring a cleaning solution with non-toxic additives is important.

Use 1 ounce of a solution on 5 ounces of water. After that, you will get a good clean for any jewelry. Not to mention, they presented the solution quite beautifully. The natural blue color makes it look non-toxic. Yes, the solution is made with fine natural ingredients. So, we may live in peace without any hazard risk.

Though, an all-rounder like this one has some flaws. The solution cannot clean silver. Even with the help of an ultrasonic cleaner, the solution cannot clean silver. But you will get other jewelry all sparkling with this one.

Basically, this is an all-rounder ultrasonic cleaner solution for any professional jewelry shop.

#5. Shooter’s Choice Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

Shooters are very careful with their accessories. Especially about their guns. That is why there are a lot of ultrasonic cleaner solution for brass. Just like the name itself, this solution is a top choice for shooters.

The solution is made from non-toxic biodegradable ingredients. Also, the ingredients are non-flammable. So, no needs to worry about risk factors with your gun. Yes, the solution is perfect for removing fouling.

Another thing for picking this solution is that the solution is non-corrosive. This means, after using it on any metal part or aluminum, there will be no corrosion. Most of the time, popular solutions can lead to corrosion. But not this one.

Shooters out there can easily get this one for cleaning their guns. Also, they can rest assured, this solution was solely made for cleaning gun and gun parts.

#6. Sparkle Bright Products All-Natural Jewelry Cleaner

Well, you can say this is another all-rounder on our list. The solution is made from all-natural ingredients. And this solution is a fast and safe way for cleaning any large part of applications. Yes, there are no harsh chemicals on this cleaner solution. All of them are safe for your health and jewelry. Remove any grease, dirt, or gunk with ease.

The best thing about this solution is the refill bottle. So, if you have small containers, keep the solution in them. Maybe in three or four containers. This way, finding and cleaning your jewelry gets very easy for sure.

A gentle cleaner solution. Yet, cleaning is a breeze with this one. Soft stones are very delicate. Using any harsh chemical on it can be very dangerous. But when you have this solution, no need to worry about any risk at all.

A natural, gentle but fast cleaner solution that can remove oil and hand cream from any jewel, this solution exceeds our expectation. Not to mention, a great solution for cleaning soft stones and bigger part application.

#7. Master STAGES CLEAN2020/1G Clean 2020 Washing Compound for Ultrasonic and Immersion Washers

Master Stages clean is an ultrasonic carb cleaner. Unlike other solutions in our list, this one is a concentrate. You will have to dilute it first for usage. The 1-gallon ultrasonic cleaner shows great performance against immersion.

Well, most of the solutions on our list can clean the jewelry and other things. This one on the other hand, works great with metals such as ferrous, aluminum and copper alloy parts. Well, we are not sure if it can clean silver or not.

No need to worry. The solution is safe with aluminum, aluminum alloy, and magnesium. There will be no slight reaction after cleaning any aluminum part. Though many people may think that as the solution is made off powerful chemicals.

This multipurpose ultrasonic cleaner is one of the best ultrasonic cleaner solution in the market right now. Mostly, the solution can clean heavy metals such as aluminum, copper, ferrous, magnesium, etc.

#8. Calyptus Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate

The amount may be small, but Calyptus is surely the best ultrasonic cleaner solution for jewelry. One thing for sure, this is an all-rounder when it comes to making things shiny. And the solution provides great value for your money. Don’t let the 8-ounce amount fool you. Dilute the solution up to a 1:140 ratio and make the most out of it.

Also, the solution is completely natural. The manufacturer gathered plant-based ingredients and tried to make an environmentally friendly solution. Not to mention, the solution is VOC free, and biodegradable.

Another great thing we should mention. The solution is completely safe for any sort of lens or glasses. Yes, the solution will not ruin the polish or coating. Also, this is a great cleaning solution for delicate and beautiful jewelry.

The best thing about this cleaner solution is safety. Clean any jewelry without fear.

#9. Frankford Arsenal Ultrasonic Brass Cleaning Solution for Rotary Tumbler

If you are looking for a good ultrasonic solution for your machines than this one can be the better pick. Just add 4 ounces of cleaner solution on 1 gallon of water, and you are ready to clean. In this way, you can use the solution several times. Rinsing the solution with distilled water is the best way of course.

Being long-lasting is the best thing this solution has to offer. You know what we mean. Other cleaner solutions are not long-lasting enough. So, most of the time, you have to throw them away. But with this solution, you can use it for a long time.

The specialty of this solution is the quick-fire cleaning. Mostly, the solution works great for removing carbon build-up. Aside from that, it can remove tarnish or oxidation. Gun owners can rest assured, the solution is also great for cleaning brass.

Just like we said, the solution is best for use on machines. Also, this ultrasonic cleaner solution is the best solution for cleaning heavy metals.

#10. Gemoro 0937 Sparkle Pak Plus Single Dose Ultimate Jewelry Cleaner

Certainly, the Gemoro 0937 is not a cheap ultrasonic cleaner. However, this is a great solution for any professional jewelry shop. Basically, this solution works great with gold and silver. As you can see, most of the solutions on our list are not that good with silver. That is where this cleaner solution has the upper hand.

The package arrives with 10 packs of single-dose jewelry cleaners. Well, you cannot just rub it on your jewelry. The solution is solely made for 1 to 1.5-pint ultrasonic machines. However, the cleaning strength of this solution is astonishing. No surprise, they say this is a professional level ultrasonic cleaner.

No need to worry about the chemicals though. The non-ammoniated, non-flammable, and non-toxic ingredients ensure you and your jewelry safety. Just think about removing grease, dirt, oxides, or any other compounds.

Just like we said, this is mainly for professional-level jewelry cleaning. So, if you own a 1 to 1.5-pint machine, you can grab this one for a great shiny clean.

Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution

To complete a task perfectly, you will need a perfect tool. The same goes for any ultrasonic cleaners. Finding the right solution can always help your cleaning easy and faster. Not to mention, the job will be efficient. Ultrasonic cleaners are very popular among people for fast cleaning support. Also, they provide the best and reliable cleaning.

So, choosing the best fluid for cleaning on the ultrasonic machine is very important. Maybe you are thinking, you can get the best one from the market. But the best is half of our thinking. Not every best is suitable for every ultrasonic machine.

In order to find the best fluid for your ultrasonic machines, you need to go through with a proper thinking process. And, for enhancing the thinking process, we are going to provide you with some simple tips on the subject.

Understanding Contaminant

The contaminant means understanding what type of stuff you are going to clean. Knowing about the appliance you are going to clean is a big consideration. After reading our reviews, you can see that not every cleaner solution can clean everything. Some solutions are for professionals and some can replace traditional home-brewed solutions.

So, understanding what sort of appliance you are cleaning is vital for you. Let’s check out what type of considerations contaminants indicate.

For instance, some solutions are great against grit, grime, or grease. Some solutions work fine with metals. Even within the metals, some are not great for cleaning silvers. So, finding that out and considering your cleaning component can be crucial. Otherwise, you may buy the most expensive ultrasonic cleaner solution from the market – but that might not work.

What Are You Cleaning?

After checking the contaminant, you have to have a pick on your component. Is it metal, jewelry, fabric, or medical equipment? You need to consider these things too. Earlier we said, different solutions have a different purpose. Also, understanding whether to clean the component ultrasonically or not is a vital consideration. Depending on that, you need to choose your solution.


The ingredient can give you a good idea about your safety. So, you must check out the ingredients of the solution to have a better understanding of the hazard level. This includes the safety of the component you’re cleaning and your health. Yes, non-toxic solutions tend to be safer. Harsh chemicals can be bad for any jewelry. Especially, when you are dealing with soft jewelry.

Sometimes, toxic or harsh chemicals can ruin your jewelry. For some cases on metal alloys, harsh chemicals are responsible for corrosion, and other problems. So, before purchasing a good solution, check out the ingredients. Make sure the solution is safe to use.

pH Levels

This is the most important consideration before buying any ultrasonic cleaner solution. Also, it includes understanding what type of component you are going to clean. However, many people overlook the pH factor and end up ruining their precious jewels or components.

When you are working with soft metals or delicate jewelry, choose a solution that is low in pH. The reason is that soft metals tend to get cavitation exposed to high pH. A solution with low acidity is a must choice for these metals. However, when you are working with surgical or medical tools, go for solutions with natural pH. I don’t think you need solutions with high pH.High pH solutions are widely used in industrial cleaning.  

Easy to Use

Your solution should be very easy to prepare. Otherwise, you will face difficulty making it. However, most of the solutions are very easy to use. You may think this is a simple thing. But no. Many people think that any solution will work perfectly with water. Some works with distilled water. Even after that, some cleaner solution doesn’t provide satisfying result with water. That brings a lot of hassle.


Ultrasonic cleaner solutions should be very economical indeed. Solutions are not that cheap. On the other hand, if you have to waste a lot of solutions without getting the chance to use – that makes it more costly. So, finding an economical solution is important.

Here how it goes – maybe you got a solution for yourself. After diluting it, you weren’t able to use the whole solution. Now, the diluted solution is a waste for you. But some solutions are long-lasting enough for use several times.

Just like we said, cleaner solutions are pricey. So, you better make good use of all the solutions. Including the bottle and refill.

Final Verdict

The rise of ultrasonic cleaner machine is introducing new cleaner solutions in the market. But still, there are not enough products. That makes it very easy for anybody to choose the right solution for their cleaners. However, one needs to go through a good deal of thinking.

In the year 2020, we are always looking for the latest and reliable products in the market. The same goes for finding the best ultrasonic cleaner solution. Anyway, after introducing a product to anyone can help to find a product faster. No need for thinking aloud.

Anyway, we said it is hard to find a proper cleaning solution. So, we reviewed 10 of the top picks according to our research. We picked them based on their performance, specialty, and other considerations. Which one do you think suits your needs?

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