how to get paint out of carpet

How To Get Paint Out Of Carpet: Easy And Simple Tricks

Having carpet in your house adds value to the aesthetic looks of your house, but it comes with some of its disadvantages as well. One of the disadvantages is, different kinds of paint get stuck into it while you are doing remodelling or any other kind of paint activity in your house. That’s why it is important for you to know how to get paint out of the carpet because you cannot change your carpet every time some paint gets stuck into it.

how to get paint out of carpet
Don’t let paint gets stuck into your carpet

Spilt paint can wreck the look of your carpet. Wet paint is easier to remove, but you can also remove dry paint from the carpet. It is also easier to remove oil-based paint, but latex paint is not, because it is water-soluble. Carpet with dry paint spilt on it can easily get cleaned, but it is hard to remove and clean carpet properly with spilt oil-based paint stain. That’s why, it is necessary to know what kind of paint is spilt on your carpet before doing the treatment, if you don’t have the idea, you can always consider it as latex paint.

After surfing through the internet for hours and actually applying these techniques helped me to get stain-less carpet. These tricks differ for different types of paint.

How To Remove Dry Paint Out Of Carpet?

  • Scrape off dried paint stains as much as possible with a knife. Using some needle-nose pliers, loosen or remove the big spots of dried paint.
  • Soak the dried paint area with water, vacuum the area. Then repeat this procedure to get rid of paint as much possible.
  • Take vinegar or dishwashing detergent and mix ith with water. Spread this mixture over the spilt area using a spray bottle.
  • After spraying the mixture onto the affected area, use a stiff brush to scrub the area. Continue this process until paint gets removed.

If there are still paint stains left, then you can treat it as other paints i.e., oil paint or acrylic paint. Use the following methods described below for the complete removal of paint.

How To Remove Oil-Based Paint Out Of Carpet?

  1. Lift the carpet up and blot the spilt area as much as possible. Vacuum it to dry the surface and particles.
  2. Buy nonflammable dry cleaning solutions, liquid spot remover, and detergent solution. Prepare a mixture of ¼ teaspoon detergent and one cup of mild hot water.
  3. Test this solution on a small surface area out of the total affected area. This needs to be done to avoid any damage or discolouration of the carpet.
  4. With the use of cloth, apply this mixture on the spilt area. Apply it from the outside of the stained area towards the centre to get the best results possible. 
  5. Leave this cleaning solution mixture on the spilt area for 5 minutes so that it can work effectively.
  6. Clean it with a white cloth carefully. Do it until the stain no longer transfers. Rub the area carefully to avoid any damage to carpet fibres.
  7. Soak the spilt area which you just cleaned into cold water. Make sure the cleaning solution which you just applied is removed completely.
  8. If oil-paint stains are still present, then redo this procedure until you get rid of them completely.
  9. If the stain is removed, use a white paper towel to soak up excessive moisture. Let your carpet get dry.
  10. After you get your carpet dry, vacuum the affected area, which you cleaned to restore the texture completely.

If there appear to be paint stains remaining, you can treat your affected carpet as spoiled because of acrylic paint. Follow the procedure given below to remove it.

How To Remove Acrylic Paint On Carpet?

After using the above tricks, you can use two more methods to remove your stains properly.

Method # 1: GlycerineAnd Alcohol

  1. Dab the Paint Stain:

Use a piece of clean cloth to blot the stained spot. Use the steam vacuum to dry the area. Continue this procedure until it is clear.

  • Rub Glycerin:

Dip your clean cloth into glycerin and apply it onto the acrylic paint stain. Keep doing this process until you can remove more stains as much as possible. Leave it for a couple of hours to sit in the glycerin onto the carpet properly.

  • Scrub the Area with Acetone:

Scrub the affected area with acetone to get more clean results. Continue the blotting of the affected spot into acetone. After that, you can use a steam vacuum to dry the surface.

Some of the things to keep in mind while applying this method are more concentrated; your solution is more effective it can be. Avoid excessive scrubbing and focus more on blotting. Use those kinds of cloth or brush which are soft so that they can be gentle on your sophisticated carpet surface.

Method # 2: Acetone And Spot Cleaner 

  1. Bloat the Area with Acetone:

Use a few drops of acetone on the affected area because of spilt acrylic paint. You can use the eyedropper. Leave it for at least 10 minutes.

You may notice, the situation is getting worse. Stains on the carpet appear to be spreading. Don’t worry; initially, it happens because this is how acetone works.

  • Use Dry Towel:

Using a dry clean towel or cloth, you can apply gently rub the area to lift any visible paint. If your cloth or towel gets completely dirty with paint, use another clean cloth. Redo this procedure until the entire surface is clean.

  • Apply Spot Cleaner:

Drop a few drops of spot cleaner onto the stained area. After that, you can use some brush, which can be gentle on your surface to apply it properly. It will form a foam, so leave the surface for five minutes to see the magic of spot cleaner.

  • Vaccum The Surface:

Use stream vacuum on the surface where you just used spot cleaner to dry the area. It will help you remove chemicals and lift the vacuum as well. Repeat this procedure until you get rid of it completely.

  • Dry Your Carpet:

Finally, dry the carpet to get rid of damp areas. Leave it on the roof or use fans to dry it properly.

You deserve a high five now. You did it—no need to change your carpet now. If there are still stains left, then there is nothing you can do about it. Contact professional cleaners and let them help you out with this mess.

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